Product developers know what machine learning is, know what it can be used for, have ideas on how to apply it to improve their users’ experience, but they don’t have the right tools to support them.

The Circle of Tool life
The Circle of Tool life
The Circle of Tool life


A product developer is a software engineer that builds user facing features. Front-end engineers build features using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. Backend engineers build services that power front-end or native applications. Native engineers build apps users can download, install, and use on their computers or mobile devices.

It’s a piece of software that helps a user build and integrate the predictions of a machine…

We’ll show you how to build a basic machine learning model. For a quick background on AI/ML, please check out this blog post for an overview.

Roadmap to develop AI/ML
Roadmap to develop AI/ML
Roadmap to develop AI/ML

In this tutorial, we’ll use the Titanic dataset to predict which passengers survived the crash. The dataset includes information on each passenger, the cabin they stayed in, their gender, and more.

High level steps for building an AI/ML model

  1. Data preparation
  2. Choose algorithm
  3. Hyperparameter tuning
  4. Train model
  5. Evaluate performance
  6. Deploy/Integrate model


Go to Google Colaboratory, click the top left “File” and click “New notebook”.

In ancient times, a mage (pronounced like page but with an M) was someone who used magic to achieve an objective or acquire knowledge. The modern world has produced a different kind of magic: advanced technology in the form of artificial intelligence (also referred to as AI).

However, harnessing this power can be difficult and reserved for a select few. Here at Mage, we equip companies with accessible AI technology so they can transform the lives of their customers.

Our mission

We believe in a world where every business can create magic in the lives of their users. That’s why our mission…

(source: Lucas Films)

If you want to train machine learning models, you may need to prepare your data ahead of time. Data preparation can include cleaning your data, adding new columns, removing columns, combining columns, grouping rows, sorting rows, etc.

Once you write your data preparation code, there are a few ways to execute it:

  1. Download the data onto your local computer and run a script to transform it
  2. Download the data onto a server, upload a script, and run the script on the remote server
  3. Run some complex transformation on the data from a data warehouse using SQL-like language
  4. Use a Spark…

Your tech stack will evolve over time. We are sharing our tech stack at Mage to help other companies get started and to get feedback from the community.


Table of contents

SaaS tools we integrate into our tech stack

  • Monitoring
  • Alterting
  • Continuous integration/Continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Security
  • Notifications
  • Utilities
  • Payments

Services we operate internally

  • Front-end
  • Backend
  • Data/Airflow
  • API
  • AI

Infrastructure we run on

  • Vercel
  • AWS
  • Astronomer

SaaS tools we integrate into our tech stack

A startup’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) stack can be a game changer in improving and optimizing day-to-day operations. While every company’s needs are different, there are foundational pieces that are critical for long term success and growth within your company.

To help other startups get ahead, we are sharing what software we currently use at Mage (tech related SaaS such as AWS, Datadog, Effx, etc. will be shared in a future article).

Here are the categories of SaaS we cover in this edition:

  1. Coding
  2. Design
  3. IT/Security
  4. Communication
  5. Documentation
  6. Project management
  7. CRM
  8. HR & payroll
  9. Legal services
  10. Finance & accounting
  11. Stocks & compensation


How society will look once every startup finds the right coding tools
How society will look once every startup finds the right coding tools
How society will look once every startup finds the right coding tools


  • We used Scrum at our previous startup and at Airbnb, with a few tweaks.
  • We currently use a hybrid of Scrum and Kanban at Mage (AI application development tool), with a few tweaks.
  • Craft your process to maximize your team’s autonomy, collaboration, and adaptability; thus, increasing your team’s effectiveness.

What is it?

According to Wikipedia, “a software development process is the process of dividing software development work into distinct phases to improve design, product management, and project management”.

Why should anyone care?

A good process helps your team be more effective in delivering value to customers by empowering your team to be autonomous (make decisions on their…

All future outcomes and possibilities have occurred. How do you experience one of those future outcomes as a reality? Through your mind.

It is within our mind that allows us to navigate the future. We create the reality we want to live in through the thoughts and beliefs we possess.

This ability is innate within all of us; but just like a muscle, it requires development and application.

Here is a framework (B-C-D-E-F) for developing this power:

  1. Build the mind
  2. Challenge the mind
  3. Discipline the mind
  4. Expand the mind
  5. Focus the mind

Build the mind

Examples of building your mind:

  • Adhere to a…

Whether you are the CEO, part of the leadership team, a product leader, individual contributor, or anyone in the organization, you can have a vision, mission, strategy and roadmap for whatever it is you are responsible for.

Having a vision will ensure everyone is working towards creating the same idealistic future you believe in. Establishing your mission allows external stakeholders and customers to understand who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Setting a strategy will allow your organization or team to focus and relentlessly prioritize. Finally, creating a roadmap will guide your team towards success.

1. Vision

A dream…

Tommy DANGerous

AI Platforms

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