Vision, Mission, Strategy & Roadmap

1. Vision

A dream of what the organization or future world will be. A clear vision helps making decisions so your organization ends up where you want it to be. Vision is the art or imagining a future so clearly, others begin to see it themselves.

2. Mission

Defines the organization’s business, it’s objectives, and its approach to achieve those objectives.

3. Strategy

A set of principles and decisions that inform your plan for achieving the vision. These principles and decisions must yield cohesive actions; meaning they create compound interest together. Strategies can evolve or even change (aka pivot).

Market needs

What do people need that isn’t being fulfilled by the status quo?


What specific cohort of the population are you serving?

Unfair advantage

What is your core competency that will help you succeed where others failed? This is also known as a competitive advantage, economic moat, or unique differentiator. (read more)


What metrics effectively measure your progress and whether or not you succeeded in achieving your mission?

4. Roadmap

Concrete steps towards achieving your mission. This plan is what the execution of your strategy looks like. A roadmap includes initiatives and tactics.


High level efforts that will achieve the goals established by your strategy.


Specific actions taken to fulfill the strategy. Tactics can be categorized into 2 buckets: programs and platforms.



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